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Hello! I am excited to begin the school year teaching Social Studies at Richview Middle School. This will be my fifth year at Richview and my 13th year overall. I received my Bachelors degree in Marketing and my Masters in Education from Austin Peay State University. My husband and I have two children who attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, shopping, and watching movies. I'm looking forward to a fantastic year.
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Monday, April 22 - Friday, April 26

Monday - Students will complete an Actively Learn on Christianity

Tuesday - No School due to local election

Wednesday - Students will complete a study guide for the upcoming Unit 8 Assessment

Thursday - Kahoot /Quizlet Review for test

Friday - Students will take the Unit 8 Assessment over Rome

Monday, April 8 - Friday, April 12

We will begin TNREADY testing this week.  Students will take the Writing portion on Tuesday and their Science portion on Thursday.  Classes will be shortened on those days.  Students will be engaging in TNREADY review during class time in order to revisit ancient civilizations in which we previously learned. 


Monday, April 1 - Friday, April 5

Monday - Chapter 11 Review (matching game, EDPUZZLE (graded) and practice (graded)

Tuesday - Chapter 12 Vocabulary due (Sage green)/ Begin Chapter 12 L1 guided reading.  Students will complete for homework

Wednesday - Review Chapter 12 L1 Guided Reading/ Begin L2 Guided Reading.  Spring Pics will be taken today!

Thursday - Complete Ch 12L2 Guided Reading.  Students will complete Romans Matching (graded)

Friday - Quiz over Chapter 12 L1 and 2

**Students have the option of making quiz corrections over the last quiz taken on the Friday prior to Spring Break.  These corrections are due by Thursday, April 4 in order to receive additional points.


Monday, March 18 - Friday, March 22

Monday - Chapter 11 L3 Guided Reading

Tuesday - Chapter 11 L3 - complete Guided Reading/ L-3 practice (grade)

Wednesday - Chapter 11 L-4 guided reading

Thursday - complete Chapter 11 L-4 guided reading/ L-4 practice-grade

Friday - quiz over lessons 3 and 4

Have a wonderful and safe spring break!!

Monday, March 11 - Rome Map/ Complete Ch 11 Guided Reading/ Homework:  Lesson 1 Practice

Tuesday, March 12 - Geography Table/ Begin Chapter 11 Lesson 2 guided reading

Wednesday, March 13 - Quiz over Chapter 11/ lesson 1 and begin Ch 11/Lesson 2 guided reading

Thursday, March 14 - Complete Lesson 2 guided reading

Friday, March 15 - Chapter 11 lesson 2 Quiz/ Chapter 11 lesson 3 and 4 vocab (due on Monday)

Monday, March 4 - Friday, March 8

Monday - Hypatic/ Study guide

Tuesday - Review for Unit Test (study folder materials, google classroom posts and study guide)

Wednesday - Unit Test over Greece part 2/ Homework of Rome vocabulary due on Friday

Thursday - No School for Students

Friday - Rome lesson 1 guided reading/ vocabulary homework due

Monday, February 25 - Friday, March 1

We will continue with our blended unit on Greece.  Students need earbuds/headphones everyday!  Students will also be able to visit the bookfair this week.

Topics this week include:

Monday:  Greek Mythology

Tuesday:  Trojan War/Greek Gods

Wednesday:  Olympics

Thursday:  Greek Thinkers

Friday:  Greek Architecture


Monday, February 11 - Friday, February 15

Monday - Students will review L-2 quiz and have an option to earn extra points (due Friday).  Persian War discussion

Tuesday - Finish Persian War flapbook and discussion.  Students will have quiz over L-3 on Wednesday

Wednesday - L-3 quiz/ students will begin L-4 guided reading

Thursday - L-3 quiz review/ L-4 guided reading review

Friday - Greece Study guide completion

Unit test will be on Wednesday, February 20

Monday, February 4 - Friday, February 8, 2019

Monday - Complete lesson 1 guided reading/ Quiz over lesson one on Tuesday

Tuesday - Chapter 9 lesson 1 quiz; begin Chapter 9 lesson 2 guided reading

Wednesday - Complete Chapter 9 lesson 2 guided reading/ intro to flapbook

Thursday - Complete Lesson 3 guided reading/ L-2 vocab page/ Study for Friday quiz

Friday - Chapter 9 lesson 2 quiz/ Lesson 3 guided reading completion



Tuesday, January 22 - Friday, January 25

Tuesday - Events After Solomon's death summary representation due on Wednesday

Wednesday - Diaspora CRQ prep for writing

Thursday - Diaspora CRQ writing and peer review in google classroom.

Friday - Israel Study Guide

**We will be having our unit test over Israel on Tuesday, January 29.  Students should study their Social Studies notebook contents to include bellringers, guided reading, and study guide....along with the text.

*City Saver turn in is Thursday, January 31

*All students need earbuds or headphones to use everyday!


Monday, January 15 - Friday, January 19

Report cards come home today!  

Monday - Begin chapter 8 Lesson 2 guided reading.  Homework is to complete the spiral review in which we started last Friday.  This homework is due on Tuesday.

Tuesday - Complete chapter 8 Lesson 2 guided reading (Hmwk due today)

Wednesday - Pass and Respond activity to review for chapter 8 lesson 2 quiz on Thursday.  Students will begin on L3 and L4 vocabulary and complete for homework...due on Thursday

Thursday:  Lesson 2 quiz/ when finished, students will begin L3 guided reading

Friday - Lesson 4 guided reading/ Jewish beliefs discussion.


Tuesday, January 8 - Friday, January 11

Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break!  I am excited to see everyone and hear about the many adventures.  We will begin on Monday by reviewing classroom expectations.  Students will bring home a paper for you to review, initial, and sign for the student to return on Wednesday.  

Tuesday - Map of Ancient Israel/ Ch8L1and2 Vocabulary (homework due on Wednesday)

Wednesday - Begin lesson 1 guided reading

Thursday - complete lesson 1 guided reading/Moses and Abraham map

Friday - Quiz over chapter 8 lesson 1/Spiral Review

Monday, December 17 - Thursday, December 20

Monday, Dec. 17 - Kahoot and Quizlet review for Unit Test

Tuesday, Dec. 18 - Unit Test on China; 2nd nine week incentive during 5th and 6th period

Wednesday, Dec. 19 - China Activities including Mulan

Thursday, Dec. 20 - 1/2 day/ School wide volleyball tournament.

Have a wonderful holiday break!


Monday, December 10 - Friday, December 14

Monday - (2 Hr delay) - Ch 7L2 Quiz (open book/open note) and Ch7L3 vocab (if not finished homework and due on Tuesday)

Tuesday - Ch 7 L3 Qin and Han                                                                          *Today is the deadline for missing work in order to participate in the 2nd 9 week incentive

Wednesday - continue CH7L3 Qin and Han                                              *Chinese Philosophers Brochure Due (students started this on Friday, Dec. 7)

Thursday - Qin Haungdi CRQ

Friday - China Study Guide (Unit Test will be on Tuesday, December 18

Upcoming Events:

**Tuesday, December 18

      - China Unit Test in Social Studies

       -2nd nine week incentive during 5th and 6th period

       -Student Council Dance after school



Monday, December 3 - Friday, December 7

Monday - Flipgrid/ CH7L2 Vocabulary (Due Tuesday)

Tuesday - Ch 7 L1 Quiz/ begin Ch 7L2 guided reading

Wednesday - Review Quiz/ Complete Guided Reading

Thursday - Vocab Practice/ Chinese Philosophers

Friday - (early release day) - Philosopher activity



Monday, November 26 - Friday, November 30

Monday - We will begin our unit on China by focusing on a map of China to discuss geography.  Students will begin Lesson 1 vocabulary.  If not finished, it will be homework and due on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 27 - Begin Chapter 7 lesson 1 guided reading/geography table

Wednesday, November 28 - continue chapter 7 lesson 1 guided reading/complete Shang Dynasty Web

Thursday, November 29 - Complete Chapter 7 lesson 1 guided reading/ Zhou Dynasty

Friday, November 30 - China Geography Essay (in class) - homework if not completed


Monday, November 19 - Tuesday, November 20

**As we approach December, we are finding that students are running out of supplies.  The most needed supplies are pencils, color pencils, glue sticks and paper.  Many students also need earbuds/headphones.  

Monday - Buddhism Narrative Writing

Tuesday - Buddhism Narrative Writing

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!  


Monday, November 5 through Friday, November 9

Monday, November 5 - Complete Chapter 6, lesson 2 guided reading.  Students will create a Hinduism/Buddhism venn diagram.  If not finished in class, it is homework and due on Wednesday.

Tuesday - No School

Wednesday, November 7-Actively Learn activity and chapter 6-2 practice.  Students will have time to work on this in class.  If not finished, it is homework and due on Thursday.

Thursday, November 8 - L1 and L2 Quiz; Students will begin on Chapter 6L3 vocab.  We will have an alternate schedule today due to our Veteran's Assembly

Friday, November 9 - Chapter 6 Lesson 3 Guided Reading

Enjoy your three day weekend!



Monday, October 29 - Friday, November 2

Monday - India map/ Begin Chapter 6, lesson 1 guided reading

Tuesday - Complete Guided Reading from lesson 1/ Students will complete vocab/caste practice (turn in/homework if not finished)

Wednesday - Caste System Practice

Thursday - India Geography Quiz/ Ch 6 L2 Vocabulary

Friday - Begin Chapter 6, lesson 2 guided reading



Monday, October 22 - Friday, October 26

Monday - Pharaoh review/Open book quiz/ geography practice(homework)

Tuesday - Kush/Egypt Essay practice

Wednesday - Study Guide

Thursday - Kahoot/Quizlet Review

Friday - Ancient Egypt District Assessment; Chapter 6, Lesson 1 Vocabulary-Homework if not finished in class


Monday, Oct. 1 - Friday, Oct. 5

This week we will be focusing on the second lesson in Chapter 5 about Egypt. 

Monday - Begin guided reading (1-6).  Students will also complete a practice page "Early Egyptian Rulers" in class.  If not finished, it is homework and due on Tuesday.

Tuesday - Continue with guided reading ( 7-16) and complete "Religion in Egypt" practice.  If not finished, it is homework and due on Wednesday.

Wednesday - complete guided reading over chapter 5, lesson 2

Thursday - complete constructed response essay over Egyptian beliefs and afterlife.

Friday - Social Hierarchy drawing and cartouche

Enjoy your fall break!





Monday, Sept. 24 - Friday, Sept. 28

Monday - Geography Inroduction

Tuesday - Ancient Egypt Map

Wednesday - Ch 5 Lesson 1 guided reading

Thursday - Completed guided reading from Wednesday

Friday - Quiz over Chapter 5 lesson 1 and vocabulary (5-2) due on Monday.


Monday, Sept. 17 - Friday, Sept. 21

Monday - Study guide completed in class/ Study for Lesson 2 quiz on Tuesday!

Tuesday - Empire Review/ Lesson 2 Quiz/ Google Classroom writing due

Wednesday - kahoot and Quizlet Review

Thursday - Unit Two Assessment over Mesopotamia

Friday - 5-1 Egypt Vocabulary

*Please continue to check powerschool for missing assignments!

*Thursday, Sept. 20 will be Student led conferences at Richview.  The student must accompany the parent/guardian.  The student will be leading the conference.  If you have any specific questions concerning grades or behavior, please email the teacher.

*End of Nine Week Incentive - An incentive is held at the end of each nine weeks to celebrate good grades and behavior.  In order to attend, students must not have a failing grade, must not have any missing work, or have received a behavior notification, discipline referral or bus write up.  The incentive will be held during the 5th and 6th period classes on October 4th.  Students who are unable to participate will continue with their regular schedule.

Have a great week!!

Monday, Sept. 10 - Friday, Sept. 14

Monday, Sept. 10 - We will complete our Nearpod Activity that we started on Friday.  When finished, students will complete questions and a paragraph over the same text that we used in Nearpod activity (graded - homework if not finished)

Tuesday, September 11- Hammurabi's Code

Wednesday, September 12 - We will critique writing samples using a rubric as well as deconstruct a writing prompt.

Thursday, September 13 - We will practice developing topic and closing sentences of a paragraph as well as correctly referencing text evidence in a paragraph.

Friday, Sept. 14  Students will write to a provided prompt.

Next unit test will  be on Thursday, Sept. 20


Tuesday, September 5 - Friday, September 7

I hope your long weekend was restful!  We have a busy week ahead.

Tuesday:  We will complete a Mesopotamian Achievement chart in class together.  Students will have homework (writing) from the information gathered from the chart which will be graded.

Wednesday:  Homework due!  We will focus on the Epic of Gilgamesh in class.  Students will have vocabulary homework

Thursday:  Homework due!  Students will complete an empire chart in class (homework if not finished).

Friday:  Students will complete questions over a Babylonian passage.


  •  Please continue to check Powerschool.  Many students currently are missing assignments.



Monday, August 27 - Friday, August 31

*Monday - Test Review/Mesopotamia Map

*Tuesday - Chapter 4 L1 guided reading

*Wednesday - Complete Ch. 4L1 Guided reading in class together.  Students will complete 4.1 Practice (turn in and graded)

*Thursday - Neolithic/Paleolithic Spiral review(turn in-graded) and social hierarchy activity(turn in-graded)

*Friday - Chapter 4,lesson 1 Quiz (graded)   EARLY DISMISSAL DAY (We will be dismissing at noon on Friday)



Monday, August 20 - Friday, August 24

Monday - Complete Ch 3L2 Guided reading. Homework if not finished

Tuesday - Paleolithic/Neolithic T chart and paragraph comparison

Wednesday - Study Guide for Chapter 3

Thursday - Kahoot review/Chapter 4 Lesson 1 Vocabulary (Due on Monday) ***Study for Unit 1 Test on Friday

Friday - Unit 1 Test

Please look over Powerschool with your child to see if any assignments are missing.  Have a great weekend!



Monday, August 13 - Friday, August 17

We had an exciting and busy first week of school!  From numerous forms to getting Social Studies textbooks to getting lockers!  Thanks so much to all who have sent in homeroom supplies, as well as individual student supplies!  We will develop our normal routine this week in regards to the typical middle school day.  Below you will find a brief and tentative outline for the week!

**Monday - Ch3L1 (chapter 3,lesson 1) vocabulary is due.  We will complete half of the guided reading for Ch3L1 in class

**Tuesday - Complete Ch3L1 guided reading in class

**Wednesday  - Students will complete classwork over chapter 3 Lesson 1 (graded) and Neolithic cave art.  Don't forget to study for quiz on Thursday

**Thursday - Chapter 3 Lesson 1 quiz/ Vocabulary chapter 3 lesson 2 (if not finished in class) this is to be completed as homework

**Friday - Guided Reading for Chapter 3, lesson 2





Monday, August 6 - First Half Day of School - Students will receive a supply list.  Please have students bring in supplies on Wednesday, August 10th if possible.  Students will receive information packets on Wednesday.

Classroom Expectations: 

  • Be on time to class.
  • Be respectful to the teachers and other students
  • Be prepared. Students need their binder, paper, pencils, and textbook everyday!
  • Raise your hand for permission to talk or leave your seat.