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Welcome students and parents. I teach 6th grade science and coach the 6th grade math team at Richview middle. I have always lived in Clarksville and have taught in CMCSS for 14.5 years. I love spending time with my family and friends. My husband Danny and I have a 3.5 year old son. His name is Luke. We like to grill out, swim, fish, camp, and go to church and UT football games. I look forward to a successful year with my students.
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*Students need a 3 ring binder for my class.  If you cannot get one, let me know.  (I purchased mine for less than $2 at Walmart.  One of the students found theirs at Dollar General for less than a $1.)

Aug. 9:  Students received a science welcome letter, and we wrote down our class expectations.

Aug. 12:  Students made bioglyphs and started their EDP (Engineering Design Process) notes.

Aug. 13: Students finished their EDP notes.  Students worked with a partner to "save Fred".  They summed up their steps in four pictures and descriptions.

Aug. 14:  We discussed the "Saving Fred" lab and turned it in.  The students had to work in teams of 3-4 and complete 6 cup challenges.

Aug. 15:  Students organized and set up their science notebooks.  Students then investigated the bioglyphs to identify who is who with clues and yes/no questions.

Aug. 16:  Students logged into Google Classroom.  They filled in the blanks on a worksheet as they watched a video on energy.  Some of them did not finish.  I will give them a little time Monday in class.

Aug. 19  Students filled in notes on the scientific method and variables.  They received a cover page for their notebooks and a vocabulary sheet.  They were given time to finish their worksheet from Friday.

Aug. 20  We discussed and took notes on "work and force", started filling in the graphic organizer for types of energy, and started the car and ramp lab.

Aug. 21 Students collected and analyzed data from a car and ramp lab.  They related the starting height of the car to how much energy it stored.  We discussed the properties and sources of gravitational potential energy.

Aug. 22  Students averaged, graphed, and analyzed data from a the "Rubber Band Launcher Lab".  We discussed properties and sources of elastic potential energy.  The four analysis questions needed to be finished at home if they didn't finish in class.

Aug. 23  We discussed chemical and electrical energy as a class.  I did a couple of demonstrations.  We finished filling out the graphic organizer on energy types in our science folders.  We reviewed vocabulary with Quizlet Live.

Aug. 26 We had discussion, demonstration, notes and practice on the transfer between potential and kinetic energy.  The students had to describe what was happening with the energy at different steps of a roller coaster, swing, pendulum, and ball drop.  They had time in class to finish labeling situations as either being mostly kinetic or mostly potential.  What they didn't finish was homework.

**They have known since last Monday that they have a quiz this Wenesday.  They need to study their notes and vocabulary.

Aug. 27 We went over yesterday's worksheet.  We discussed different forms of PE.  They sorted situations into 4 different types of PE using color coding.  Homework was to finish classwork.

Aug. 28  We checked the PE color sheet, took a quiz, and worked on the directed reading worksheet for energy conversions.  They need to finish classwork for homework.

Aug. 29 We discussed energy transformation, took notes, and practiced.  I gave them another day to get their directed reading worksheets done.

Aug. 30

Sept. 3  I checked their worksheet from Friday titled, "Energy Transformation Match" for a grade.  We did half - most of the virtual lab titled, "Energy Forms and Energy Transformations".  We will finish the rest in class tomorrow.

Sept. 4 The students had to finish the lab from yesterday and turn in their answers.  They were given the rest of class to complete their task card answer sheet that went along with task card questions in GC.  They had enough time in class to get everything done.  If they did not finish the lab questions, they need to finish it for homework.  The task card answers are due Friday.

**Energy Transformation quiz on Sept. 6 and Unit 1 test on September 12

Sept. 5 Today students turned in their "Energy Forms and Changes Simulation".  They worked on finishing the answer sheet for the energy task cards.  They are due tomorrow.  Then we reviewed for our quiz tomorrow.

Sept. 6 Students reviewed for their quiz, took a quiz, finished and turned in flashcards, and completed a playlist on Legends of Learning.

Sept. 9:  Students analyzed data from the kinetic energy lab.  There is no homework.

Sept. 10:  Students will take notes on kinetic energy and complete a study guide.  Unfinished classwork will be homework.

*Students have a test on Thursday over the first 3 standards on the yellow sheet in their notebook.

Enter the room quietly.

Bring your supplies to class.

Treat everyone with kindness.

Have a positive attitude.

Talk only during designated times.

Only touch your belongings or items that I have lent you.

Questions and statements, not pertaining to the lesson, need to be said to me in private.

Turn quality work in to me on time.

Take responsibility for your actions.