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I am delighted to be teaching for my third year at Richview! I taught Social Studies and Reading and Language Arts at Moore Elementary prior to coming to Richview. I am especially excited to be teaching my favorite subject and help co-sponsor Beta Club. I have a Masters in Education from Austin Peay State University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Belmont University. I have two wonderful daughters, Sydney who is in college, and Kinsey, who is a junior at CHS. We have lived in Clarksville for over fifteen years. I love reading and spending time with my family and pets. I run to stay fit. I look forward to another fabulous year! Go Cowboys!
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September 23-27 - Picture day is Monday.  Please do not wear green.  Be sure to bring earbuds daily. 

Monday - CH3L1 Guided Reading pp. 62-64 and Hieroglyphics message

Tuesday - CH3L1 Guided Reading completed - CH3L1 Practice

Wednesday - CH3L1 Quiz and CH3L2 Vocabulary (due Thursday)

Thursday - CH3L2 Guided Reading (GRdg) pp. 67-69 and Early Egyptian Rulers worksheet (ws)

Friday - CH3L2 GRdg pp. 70-72 and Religion in ancient Egypt activity (due Tuesday)

September 16-20 - Progress Reports go home on the 18th.  Earbuds or headphones are needed DAILY.  Please ensure that your students have those with them.  Please check Power School daily and discuss successes, missing work, and ways to improve grades with your student.

Monday - Unit 2 Study Guide

Tuesday - Kahoot/Quizlet Review for Mesopotamia district assessment

Wednesday - Unit 2 District Assessment - HW CH3L1 Vocabulary due Friday

Thursday - Egypt Mapping Skills

Friday - Egypt Geography and Mapping

September 9-13 - Progress Reports go home on the 18th. Please check Power School regularly with your child so that you are not surprised when you receive your child's Progress Report.  Missing work continues to be a struggle for some students.  Check PowerSchool for details on the assignments.  Google Classroom also has a lot of information.  We are working on students taking ownership of their learning and their assignments.  Please note that students are to finish assignments as homework, if they are not completed in class. Early dismissal on Friday.

Monday - Finish CH2L2 Guided Reading

Tuesday - Babylonia Close Read 

Wednesday - Mesopotomia Ed Puzzle

Thursday - CH2L2 Quiz and Mesopotamia Study Guide

Friday - Review Unit 1 District Assessment and complete Unit 2 Study Guide - Early Dismissal

September 3-6 - Our online textbooks have arrived.  Please ask your student how to access it.  See Google Classroom for details if needed.  Enjoy your Labor Day on Monday!  Pleaes remember to check Power School for missing/late assignments.

Tuesday - Mesopotomian Achievements/Systems - Agrigulture paragraph due Friday (see Google Classroom)

Wednesday - Epic of Gilgamesh - Cuneiform Message - CH2L2 Vocabulary due (passed out Friday)

Thursday - Mesopotamian Empires - Sargon and Hammurabi and his Code (CH2L2)

Friday - Hammaruabi's Code and Assyrians CH2L2

August 26-30 - Thanks to all of you who participated in the fund raiser!  It will continue Monday and Tuesday of this week!  This money helps to pay for items in our Cowboy Store (Incentive) and for Incentive days, as well as Field Day.  Thanks again for your help!

Monday - Mesopotamia - Map Skills

Tuesday  - CH2L1 GRdg 76-78 (Colored pencils needed Wed.)

Wednesday - CH2L1 GRdg 78-81 - Sumer's Social Hierarchy drawing due Thursday

Thursday - CH2L1 GRdg complete - HW CH2L1 Practice

Friday - CH2L1 QUIZ (including Mesopotamia's geography!) - HW CH2L2 Vocab. due Wed. 9/3

Please see Google Classroom for geography, vocabulary and supplemental practice.  No School Monday for Labor Day! 

August 19-23 - It was great to meet so many of you during Open House!  If you haven't done so already, please send in your parent letter describing your child.  There is a school dance on Wednesday from 2:30-4:30 p.m. sponsored by Beta Club.

Monday -CH1L2 Guided Reading (GRdg) pp. 62-64 - CH1L2 Vocabulary due Tuesday

Tuesday - CH1L2 Guided Reading pp. 65-67 HW Study Guide first section

Wednesday - CH1L2 GRdg and Study Guide completed - CH1L2 Practice Homework (HW)

Thursday - Review Practice and Kahoot and Quizlet

Friday - Unit 1 District Assessment

August 12-16 - I am so pleased with the behavior and attitudes of our new 6th graders!  Parents, please be sure to practice using a lock with your students.  We should be assigning lockers some time this week.  Following is an outline of the week.  Homeroom students, please return the packet of information (signed forms, folder, etc.) as soon as possible.  All students should bring in a plastic, 2 pocketed, 3 pronged file folder on Monday.  We will set up our notebooks then.  If they forget, I will provide a spare, but please return an unmarked (no name on it) as soon as you can so that I may use if for another student.  Thank you!  Laptops will be issued Wednesday.  Please make sure that you have completed the necessary form that was emailed or texted to you.  Students should bring their laptop, chargers, and carrying case daily.  They should come to school with the laptop fully charged.

Monday - Social Studies Notebook (SSNB) setup & Time Designations

Tuesday - Chapter 1 Lesson 1 (CH1L1) Guided Reading (GRdg) Early Humans 

Wednesday - CH1L1 Vocabulary due - CH1L1 GRdg completed

Thursday - Cave Art due - CH1L1 Practice 

Friday - CH1L1 Quiz - Early Humans and CH1L2 Vocabulary (due Tuesday)


August 7 and 9 - Welcome back to school!  Please report to the gymnasium on the first day of school.  Remember that it will be a half day schedule.  We have our first full day of school on Friday, August 9th.  All school paperwork will be sent home on Wednesday. Please complete all paperwork and return as soon as possible.  I would like for all students to come to school on Wednesday with two (2) two pocket, three pronged plastic folders.  These will be used throughout the year as their Social Studies Notebooks.  We will use one per semester.  Please refer weekly to my website for assignments and testing dates.  I use Google Classrooms often, and links to these sites will also be available via my website.  Additionally, I have a Google Site, which provides supplemental learning materials.  Please refer to the link on my web page.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]  I'm looking forward to another wonderful year!

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