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I am delighted to be teaching for my fourth year at Richview! I taught Social Studies and Reading at Moore Magnet Elementary prior to joining the Cowboys. I also serve as the Assistant Cross Country Coach. I love teaching Ancient History. I have a Masters in Education from Austin Peay State University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Belmont University. I have two wonderful daughters, Sydney who is in college, and Kinsey, who is a senior at CHS. We have lived in Clarksville for over sixteen years. I love reading and spending time with my family and pets. I run to stay fit. I look forward to another fabulous year! Go Cowboys!
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Week of January 11-15, 2021

Monday Ancient China Map Skills, Standards, and CH8L1 Questons 1-2 AND Table

Tuesday - CH8L1 Vocab. due (see 1/15 GC assignment for turn in and CH8L1 Guided Reading Questions 3-6

Wednesday - CH8L1 Guided Reading completed

Thursday - CH8L1 Practice (Edulastic) and Shang/Zhou EdPuzzle

Friday - CH8L1 Quiz and CH8L2 Vocabulary due Tuesday 1/19

Week of January 4-8, 2021 - Happy New Year!

Please be certain to check your students new schedule and ensure that they have signed up for the correct Google Classroom (see email or other means provided by first semester homeroom/3rd period teacher).  It is a good idea to DOUBLE CHECK the schedule in PowerSchool on the morning of the 4th, as schedule sometimes change very last minute.  Our India unit closes on Friday, January 8th, and all missing work MUST be completed prior to Friday, or the zero will remain.  No exceptions.  Parents, a review of rules and expecations will come home on Monday via Google Classroom.  Please review it with your student, sign, and have them upload it into the correct location for this extra credit opportunity (towards CH7L2 quiz).  I will load grades for N3 as soon as PowerSchools change over occurs (sometime on January 4th).  The Buddhism EdPuzzle and CH7L2 Quiz (Edulastic) will be the first grades for N3, since we were required to close N2 so early.

Monday - Expecatations and Rules Review (XC 10 pts!) due Wed. no late work accepted! - CH7L3 Guided Reading questions 1-4

Tuesday - Finish CH7L3 Guided Reading and front 1/2 of India Study Guide due Wednesday

Wednesday - India Study Guided completed - India Geography Quiz (5 questions) in Edulastic (to prepare for test) & Indus River Valley Civilization Ed Puzzle due Thursday.

Thursday - India Kahoot Review and Extra Credit India Crossword assigned (due PRIOR to test on Friday - no late work accepted)

Friday - India Unit 5 District Assessment - CH8L1 Birth of Chinese Civilization due Tuesday 1/12

Week of December 14-18 and Asynchronous Day Monday 12/21

Monday - CH7L2 Guided Reading 1-3 and Hinduism EdPuzzle (TURN IN CH7L2 Vocab. assigned Friday 12/11).

Tuesday - CH7L2 Guided Reading completed

Wednesday - CH7L2 Religions in Ancient India Practice (Edulastic) and Buddhism EdPuzzle

Thursday - Religions in Ancient India Nearpod activity

Friday - CH7L2 Quiz - NEW GOOGLE Classroom codes will be provided for January and introduction to Actively Learn Assignments for Monday 12/21 asynchronous day (Rise of Hinduism and Birth and Spread of Buddhism Actively Learn assignments).  Have a wonderful, healthy holiday break!


Week of December 7-11, 2020

Monday - India Map Skills, Standards, and CH7L1 Guided Reading questions 1&2

Tuesday - CH7L1 Guided Reading questions 3-6 & CH7L1 Vocabulary (see Google Classroom 12/4 for assignment and turn in)

Wednesday - CH7L1 Guided Reading completed and CH7L1 Practice in Edulastic

Thursday = Ancient India Caste (Varna) System Activity and Social Hierarchy Drawing (due 12/11)

Friday - CH7L1 Quiz and CH7L2 Vocabulary due Monday, 12/14. 

The second nine weeks grading period closes on Friday 12/11.  Be sure to turn work in on time. 

Week of November 30-December 4, 2020

I hope that you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Please note that our Ancient Isrealite unit closes on Friday with a district test.  All missing work for this unit MUST be turned in by Friday, or the missing work grade of zero (0) will remain.  Missing work continues to be a problem with many students.  Check Power School daily to ensure that your child is turning in assignments on time.  Remember that I provide daily assistance from 9-9:30 a.m. via my Office Hours. Thank you.

Monday - CH4L3-4 Guided Reading Questions 6 & 7 - Ind. complete Who Am I? Israelites activity (

Tuesday - Complete CH4L3-4 Guided Reading

Wednesday - Unit 4 Ancient Israel Study Guide and Judaism 101 EdPuzzle

Thursday - Ancient Israel Kahoot and Quizlet - Extra Credit (5 pts) Crossword Puzzle due BEFORE test on Friday - No late work accepted!

Friday - Ancient Israel Unit Test and CH7L1 Vocabulary due Tuesday 12/8.

Week of November 23-25, 2020

Monday - CH4L2 Israelite Kings quiz ( after brief review - Students must be present to take the quiz and for attendance purposes on this district wide remote day.

Tuesday - Asynchronous day - No live Zoom lessons - attendance based on completion of assignment - Must be completed prior to Wednesday 7 a.m. to be counted present for Tuesday.  CH4L3 Guided Reading pp. 123-125 (stop before Jewish Daily Life) questions 1-4 & Ancient Israel and Judah EdPuzzle

Wednesday - Asynchronous - follow Tuesday rules for attendance - Finished CH4L3 GRdg pp. 125-128 question 5 and Israelites Timeline and Vocabulary Review (

I will open the EdPuzzle and the Edulastic practice on Friday 11/20.  If students complete assignments, they will be counted as present on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please be sure to attend Monday's class for the review and quiz as this is required for attendance purposes on remote days.  Thank you and have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!  

Week of November 16-20, 2020

Monday - Finish CH4L1 Guided Reading - CH4L1 Timeline, Vocabulary and Map Skills Edulastic Practice

Tuesday - CH4L1 Quiz must be present and visible during quiz - CH4L2-4 Vocabulary due Wednesday

Wednesday - CH4L2 Guided Reading - Complete Kings Graphic Organizer

Thursday - CH4L2 Guided Reading complete

Friday - Israel's Kings Nearpod and CH4L2 Edulastic Practice  CH4L2 QUIZ MONDAY!!!

Week of November 9-13, 2020

Egypt unit closes with a unit test on Tuesday, 11/10.  All MISSING WORK for this unit MUST be completed and submitted by 11/9, or grade of zero will remain.  Students must email Ms. O. when late work is turned in, so that she knows to grade it.  Please take advantage of my daily Office Hours (9-9:30 a.m.) if your student needs help with assignments.

Monday - Kahoot and Optional Egypt Crossword Extra Credit - Must be turned in prior to test - no late work accepted

Tuesday - Ancient Egypt District Test - MUST BE PRESENT and visible during the test - CH4L1 Vocabulary assigned and due 11/13

Wednesday - No school due to Veteran's Day - Thank you veterans and their families!

Thursday - Israel Map Skills and Standards review - CH4L1 Guided Reading 1-5

Friday - CH4L1 Guided Reading 6-13 and Primary Source Practice

Week of November 2-6, 2020

We are starting our third week in the 2nd nine weeks grading period.  Already we are missing assignments.  Please check Power School daily.  Our Egypt unit closes with a test on 11/10.  All missing work must be turned in PRIOR to 11/9, or the current grade of zero will remain.  I am available from 9-9:30 during Office Hours daily (except district mandated asynchronous days) to help students with completing and turning in missing work.  

Monday - No Live Zoom lessons - attendance taken based on completion of work - See Google Classroom assignment - Early Egypt EdPuzzle (students may rewind and review to improve score)

Tuesday - No School due to elections - If you haven't watched the Internet Safety video, please do so now.  It will be located in Google Classroom for today's date.

Wednesday - CH3L4 Guided Reading 1-6 & Egypt's Pharaoahs, Vocab. and Map Skills Practice - Students may complete up to 10 times to get the grade they desire (100 is max).

Thursday - CH3L4 Guided Reading completed and finish front  only of Ancient Egypt Study Guide

Friday - Complete Ancient Egypt Study Guide and Time Compass Ancient Egypt EdPuzzle (students may rewind and review to improve score)

Week of October 26-30, 2020

Thank you for checking PowerSchool regularly and encouraging our students to complete their work and study for assessments.  Our Egypt unit closes October 10th, so all work for the unit must be turned in prior to that date.  Report cards will be available October 26th by visiting, choose "View Report Card".  You will be prompted to enter the students full name and date of birth.  An access code will be sent to the phone(s) and emails on file.

Monday - Complete CH3L2 Guided Reading and Practice

Tuesday - CH3L2 Quiz and CH3L3&4 Vocab. due Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday- CH3L3 Guided Reading 

Friday - Finish CH3L3 Guided Reading and Who Am I? Pharaoah Activity

Week or October 19-23, 2020

I hope that you all had a wonderful time during the break! 

Monday - CH3L1 Guided Reading and Practice completed

Tuesday - CH3L1 Quiz (must be live) and CH3L2 Vocabulary (due Thursday)

Wednesday - CH3L2 Guided Reading questions 1-5 and Early Egypt Rulers practice

Thursday - CH3L2 Guided Reading questions 6-8 & Religion in Egypt practice

Friday - CH3L2 Guided Reading questions 9 & 10 and Egyptian Social Hierarchy Activity 

Week of October 5-9, 2020

Week at a Glance

Monday - Kahoot Review over Mesopotamia Unit

Tuesday - District Assessment (counts 2x a quiz!) over Mesopotamia (LIVE attendance required for testing) - CH3L1 Vocabulary assigned and due Thursday

Wednesday - Egypt Map Skills

Thursday - CH3L1 Guided Reading (1-6)

Friday - CH3L1 Guided Reading (7-10) & hieroglyphics activity

Have a wonderful break!  Thanks for supporting your child's academic success!

Week of September 28-October 2, 2020

Monday - CH2L2 Guided Reading Assyrians and Chaldeans - CH2L2 Vocabulary due (see 9/24 GC Assignment)

Tuesday - CH2L2 Guided Reading completed - Babylonia Close Read in Edulastics (PLEASE COME TO LIVE CLASS)

Wednesday - Mesopotamia Ed Puzzle and CH2L2 Practice in Edulastics

Thursday - CH2L2 Mesopotamian Empires Quiz (Must take in class in person to practice for district and end of year assessments) - CW AFTER quiz = finish front side of Unit 2 Study Guide

Friday - Review Study Guide front and finish - Quizlet over Unit 2 

Our Unit 2 will close with a district assessment (live attendence required) on 10/2.  ALL WORK must be turned in prior to test, or zero remains in the gradebook.  Work turned in AFTER due date will require student to send an email (first and last name and class period + LATE Work should be listed in subject of email).  Current grading takes priority over late work. Grades  are due for the previous week on Monday at midnight (meaning for teachers).

Attendance -  directly impacts academic achievement, as does completing assignments prior to testing.  Please come to class and/or see me during Office Hours for any assistance after checking comments in Power School and the related assignment (in Google Classroom, Edulastics, etc.)

Week of September 21-25, 2020

Week in a Glance:

Monday - Sumer Social Hierarchy due (see 9/18 lesson in GC) and complete CH1L2 Guided Reading and Schools PLP 6.07

Tuesday - Mesopotamian Achievement Chart and Schools PLP 6.11 Inventions and Technology

Wednesday - Epic of Gilgamesh, CH2L1 Practice, and Schools PLP 6.11 Epic of Gilgamesh

Thursday - PLP 6.08 Sumerian Achievements, CH2L1 Quiz & CH2L2 Vocabulary (due Monday)

Friday - CH2L2 Sargon and Hammurabi - First two sections on CH2L2 Chart (Akkad & Babylon) and Hammurabi Activity - SPLP 6.12

Thanks for all of the support and positive comments this week.  Please check PowerSchool and Schools PLP daily.  I have detailed notes in Power School that can direct you to the daily lesson (in Google Classroom) that will help with any missing assignments.  Try the Google Classroom calendar feature to help “see” what assignments are due and where to turn them in.  

Communication – Please include our learners first and last names AND class period in the subject line of all emails.

Assignments – All student work should be turned in on the STUDENT WORK tab in the appropriate assignment in Google Classroom (GC) OR if a Schools PLP Assignment, in Schools PLP.  Please do not email the teacher the assignment, unless asked to do so.  See the How To Turn in GC Assignments tab on my teacher webpage. 

Some tips to help our learner - My daily Launchpad is Schools PLP (PLP) and Google Classroom (GC).  We always start our day in GC with the Daily Lesson Google Slide (e.g., 9/2 Lesson – START HERE).  The students see this when they login to ZOOM.  They should read the slide, make sure they have needed materials, TURN IN and assignments, and that programs are up and ready.  I have also listed within the Slideshow, detailed steps for helping your student if they experience issues or miss our live class.  Remember that I will always be available during your scheduled class time using the ZOOM link in Google Classroom (GC), if you aren’t able to meet for whatever reason, the lesson is detailed in the daily lesson (see above). Please help our student learn to navigate the split screen feature.  I will add a link to my website to show them how.  It is a helpful feature, especially with our online textbook and the guided readings.  It just takes some practice to get the hang of it.  Thanks for your help!

ZOOMShould be the SAME LINK daily, until it expires, which is the middle of October. They should have their face visible during the entire class with video on and muted microphone until told otherwise.  NOTE:  Please test your student’s microphone.  Several of them are saying the speaker isn’t working.  If after you troubleshoot, they still have issues, please call 920-7779.


Week of September 14-18, 2020

Thank you parents/learning mentors and students for stepping up to the plate to learn SO MUCH technology, in addition to new content these first few weeks of school!  This is a super short grading period, so I will have several assignments to help lighten the blow of any one low grade.  Please be sure to look in PowerSchool daily.  I place detailed notes in the comments section of Power School, as well as provide direction on which day's lesson to refer to for details. I realize that many students are still experiencing technical issues, or are still without a laptop.  IT IS IMPERATIVE that any student who DOES NOT have a laptop contact me (in subject line place child's first AND last name AND class period).  If you child does not have access to McGraw Hill, please contact 920-7779.  I will exempt grades up until this point, but without notification that a laptop is not available, I MUST zeros in for grades that are missing after this point (unless I have confirmation of now laptop).

Our week:

Monday - CH1L2 Vocabulary due (see 9/10 lesson) TURN IN using the TURN in tab in Google Classroom (Shared or emailed assignments will NOT be graded) & CH1L2 Guided Reading and Study Guide (completed for homework if not done in class).

Tuesday - Review CH1L2 Guided Reading and remainder of Study Guide - Schools PLP 6.03 Agricultural Revolution video with 4 questions.

Wednesday - Unit 1 - Early Man & Time Designations District Assessment (see Quizlet links, Guided Readings, Bell Ringers, Practices, and of course Study Guide to prepare).  Homework (HW): CH2L1 Vocabulary due Friday (TURN IN through assignment dated 9/16 in Google Classroom (GC)).

Thursday - Mesopotamia Map Skills & CH2L1 Guided Reading through question #5.

Friday - CH2L1 Vocabulary due & CH2L1 Guided Reading through question #10.  Homework (HW): Sumer's Social Hierarchy (Classes) due Monday.

Helpful News

  • I have opened Office Hours from 9-9:30 a.m. daily (unless someone schedules a meeting).  See Slide 1 of Google Slide in daily assignments for link.
  • Zoom - be sure to login with student's name - otherwise they won't be admitted due to safety reasons - please advise if their is a reason or if another name may appear
  • Calender in Google Classroom - Please use this feature to track due dates, etc.  It is to the LEFT of the Google Classroom title and looks like three lines on top of one another - Click that and you may then choose calendar
  • Please ask our learner if they are having trouble with their sound or mics.  Many students struggle with the cords that have the volume button on the wire itself.  Please ask how you can help.
  • Have your student show you how to turn work into Schools PLP and Google Classroom (use the TURN IN tab in the specific assignment, DO NOT SHARE with Ms. O, or email the assignment).

Thank you again for your patience and continued support.  We will get through this learning curve together!

Week of September 8-11, 2020

It was great to see so many of my learners and speak with their families!  Please look for an email from me on 9/7 with tips to help our learner and to help me gauge our connectivity (are we still missing CMCSS laptops, can we access McGraw Hill, etc.)  Thanks in advance for your response to the survey included in the email, as this will help me help you and our students.

Week at a glance (subject to change).  See Google Classroom for detailed lesson plans by day:

Tuesday - Chapter 1 Lesson 1 (CH1L1) Vocabulary and Guided Reading - HW Edulastic Time Designations Practice (in Google Classroom (GC))

Wednesday - Complete CH1L1 Guided Reading and Development of Tools Activity (Schools PLP) - HW CH1L1 Practice in Edulastics

Thursday - CH1L1 Quiz - Review notes in Interactive SSNB (ISSNB), SSNB, and CH1L1 Guided Reading and Vocabulary to prepare for this quiz.  Time Designations will also be included.  HW: Complete CH1L2 Vocabulary (due 9/14)

Friday - Review quiz - Begin CH1L2 Guided Reading

Thank you again for sharing your student with me!  If you have any questions after reading the detailed email sent out this weekend, please email me and put your child's first and last name, and class period in the subject line.  This will allow me to respond more quickly.  Enoy your Labor Day!



Welcome to school!  In order to be prepared for the first day of school, please login to the Schools PLP account (via cmcss.classlink) and explore the START tab in our classroom.  These will provide great tools to show "how to" upload, download, etc.  Please read Schools PLP messages PRIOR to class.  I will provide a link to our initial Zoom class meeting and the code to YOUR specific Google Classroom through School PLPs Message system.  Note that by using the CMCSS Classlink as your access to programs, students should be able to login without problems.  Quickly become familiar with your school email address, as you will use it for many logins.  School rules apply during Zoom meetings as well.  When you log in to ZOOM, please be a little early and use your school name only, as you will not be allowed in if I cannot recognize your name as a class member.  Also, please mute your microphone upon entering the classroom and free yourself of all distractions (pets, siblings, toys, etc.).  NOTE:  For safety of our students, Google Classroom hyperlinks on my teacher website to each class period only work with the code provided by the teacher.  Please see initial welcome email from Ms. Overdeer for this code.

If you have technology issues, please use the Tech Hotline 931-920-7779 or use the CMCSS Technology Helpline hyperlink shown in my Classroom Links to the right of this page.

Google Classroom codes were sent via email to ALL students. If you did not receive the code, please email me directly. NOTE:  Students are to login to Google Classroom and Schools PLP daily.  We will Zoom almost daily, and I will be available via ZOOM during each class period.  Please be patient and understanding as we navigate this new virtual learning.  I promise to be patient and understanding as well!  Sign up for Remind (see hyperlink to the right) for future notifications.  I have outlined the tentative outline for this week  below:

Monday - I will meet with my 3rd Period at 8 a.m. via Zoom and 4th Period at 9 a.m. via Zoom.  Please see Zoom link in Google Classroom and/or Schools PLP.  Be prepared to set up your Social Studies Notebook (SSNB).  You will need a pencil, paper and a section in your binder OR a plastic 3 pronged file folder or composition notebook.  

Tuesday - I will meet with my 5th Period at 8:45 a.m. via Zoom and 6th Period at 9:45 a.m. via Zoom.  See Monday above for needed supplies.

Wednesday - CH1L1 Vocabulary and Time Designations in Schools PLP and Practice in Edulastics

Thursday - Virtual Locker due! - CH1L1 Guided Reading (Schools PLP)   

Friday -  Finish CH1L1 Guided Reading (SPLP) and Practice in Edulastics - Early Humans and CH1L2 Vocabulary due Wednesday

WELCOME! Welcome back to school!  I am so excited to be back with students!  I am up for the challenge of teaching virtually and realize that we will all need to be kind and patient as we embrace this new mode of teaching and learning.    Google Classrooms and Schools PLP will be our launch points daily.  Additionally, I have a Google Site, which provides supplemental learning materials.  Please refer to the link on my web page.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]  I will have Office Hours (via a Zoom link) from 9-9:30 a.m. daily starting within the first full week of school.  This link will be provided soon.  I'm looking forward to another wonderful year!

  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Be prepared
  • Be on time!