High school information – please read

January 19, 2021

Parents of 8th graders,

I am going to share a lot of information with you in this email regarding high school registration, virtual school for next year, and applying to any of the high school academies. Please read the information closely, click on appropriate links for more information and then feel free to email or call me with any questions you may have.

Typically, the high school counselors will come over at this time of the year and “prep” our students for high school by going over information like what all is needed for graduation, electives they can choose from, etc. This will not take place this year in person due to COVID restrictions. In place of those meetings, a 6 unit course has been designed for your student to go through at their own pace. They will be accessing this information through their schools PLP account. The course is called “Registration Ready”. It is comprised of 6 units, each with several mini-lessons, that discuss different topics related to high school. Your child’s advisory teacher will be giving them more information about when to access this course this week. You are able to sit with your child and go over the information provided as well. I have included a “teacher’s guide” for the Registration Ready course so you will have all of the information at your fingertips. There are links within the guide for each unit so it is easy to access specific information quickly. Students will be expected to complete this course within PLP before Feb. 5th. Counselors will register 8th grade students for high school after Feb. 5th. More information will come out closer to time regarding what to expect for registration.


Academies are provided at each high school in the district. These are specific career-based “schools” within each high school that provide courses related to that career field. Students must apply for an academy. The selection is NOT based on first-come, first-served but is a lottery style chosen system. What that means is that it does NOT matter when your child applies to an academy – they could do it the first day the window is open or be the last applicant before it closes and they will have an EQUAL chance of being selected. There will be a virtual open house interest meeting via zoom on Feb. 8th at 6pm and Feb. 11th at 5pm. Links for those meetings will be coming from the district soon. If your child is interested in applying for an academy, please click on this link for all of the information you will need. https://www.cmcss.net/academies/ The window for applying to a high school academy is Jan. 15-Feb. 15. Please note that there is NO virtual academy. All academies will be traditional, in-person classes.


CMCSS is returning to the traditional school model for the 2021-2022 school year. CMCSS K-12 Virtual will be transitioning to a true school of choice. CMCSS K-12 Virtual is designed for students who may not thrive in the traditional school environment, but are socially and academically ready to learn in a more self-directed setting. Participation in CMCSS K-12 Virtual this year does not automatically enroll you for the next school year. Current virtual students who apply for open enrollment will be screened for overall success (adequate attendance to include intervention sessions, passing grades, and work submission) before they can be approved for admittance. Students who have not been successful, will not be approved for the 2021-22 school year. Parents/guardians of students wishing to apply for open enrollment must complete the online application. The open enrollment window is January 15-February 15, 2021. Parents should complete one submission for each student applying to CMCSS K-12 Virtual. Parents of students approved for enrollment will be notified in writing by April 15, 2021, and asked to confirm enrollment by signing a commitment letter. Please note, an open enrollment application signifies a full school-year commitment to CMCSS K-12 Virtual.

Parent Zoom meetings will be offered to learn more about CMCSS K-12 Virtual for the 2021-22 school year. To read more about the virtual option and the open enrollment application process, please visit www.cmcss.net/k-12virtual.