Gateway Honor Band

February 3, 2020

The Gateway Honor Band Festival was this past weekend. We are excited to announce that 20 made it! Over 150 7th and 8th grade students from CMCSS, Stewart, Cheatham, and Dixon county auditioned and our school has a very strong representation with 4 students making 1st chair in their sections. Congratulations to the following students. They worked incredibly hard outside of class on the music for the audition.

Ava Heuston- 1st chair flute
Sarah Dixon- 8th chair flute
Malachi George- 12th chair flute
Garrett Rhemann- 1st chair bassoon
Betzhy Lopez- 4th chair clarinet
Kinsley Sommers- 7th chair clarinet
Nathanael Dorminey- 2nd chair bass clarinet
Malik George- 4th chair bass clarinet
Serenity Glaspy- 1st chair alto saxophone
Roy Cook- 2nd chair tenor saxophone
Trinity Smith- 3rd chair tenor saxophone
Penelope Morrison- 3rd chair trumpet
Michael Kuzma-Barron- 8th chair trumpet
Megan Shinn- 4th chair French horn
Alex Lundquist- 1st chair trombone
Madison Mackdanz- 3rd chair trombone
Ella Spencer- 5th chair trombone
Onyx Newton- 5th chair euphonium
Garrick Jordan- 3rd chair tuba
Yun Ha Hwang- 3rd chair snare drum

Results posted here:
The concert will be a West Creek High School on Saturday, February 29th at 11:30 am.