Start with Hello

September 26, 2019

Next week, we will have our 2nd annual “Start With Hello” week. This week was started by parents of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. It is designed to promote social inclusiveness among our youth. Almost every time there has been a school, or mass, shooting, one of the things that comes out about the shooter is that they were isolated from their peers – either through choices of their own or by actions of others. This week is meant to place a special emphasis on including others.

Sept 30th – Hey Day! We will have a Welcome Party with CHS students welcoming students to school. Students will receive a name tag so that we can call people by name through out the day.

Oct. 1st – Favorite Shirt / Sports Team Day – This will encourage discussions about things that are people’s favorites.

Oct. 2nd – Acts of Kindness Day – Encouraging day to have students do acts of kindness for one another.

Oct. 3rd – Advisory Lessons focused on including others.

Oct. 4th – NO ONE EATS ALONE – All student are encouraged to eat with someone they don’t know.