Gateway Honor Band

February 4, 2019

Congratulations to the following:  17 kids from Richview made the Gateway Honor Band! 200 students from all over CMCSS tried out and Richview is represented very well.

 Here’s a list of students that made it:

 Esther Song- 1st Chair Mallets

Noelle Noble- 1st Chair Snare Drum

Anakin Cultra- 5th Chair Snare Drum

Jojo Chaney- 1st Chair Bass Clarinet

Nathanael Dorminey- 3rd Chair Bass Clarinet

Ben Robles-Nieles- 3rd Chair Clarinet

Betzhy Lopez- 7th Chair Clarinet

Sage Gavi- 11th Chair Clarinet
David Pease- 16th Chair Clarinet

Nazalia Danko- 4th Chair Flute

Neil Cook- 2nd Chair Tenor Sax

Ella Spencer- 6th Chair Trombone

Alex Lundquist- 7th Chair Trombone

Nick Seay- 2nd Chair Trumpet

Penelope Morrison- 6th Chair Trumpet

Elijah Drew- 8th Chair Trumpet

Parker Susong- 4th Chair Tuba


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