City Saver

January 15, 2019

We are ready to kick off our City Saver coupon book fundraiser. Each student will bring home a coupon book and fundraiser details on Friday, January 18. The books contain hundreds of coupons to local restaurants and entertainment establishments. Those who purchase the book will receive a free national smart phone app to receive discounts across the country. The cost of the books are $25, and 60% of the proceeds goes back directly to the schools and the CMCSS Education Foundation. Students/parents may start taking orders at that time, and the first order fulfillment will be during the week of January 28. More specific details will be posted on the school webpage and Facebook page, so check those out as well. We have a school community that has traditionally supported this fundraiser very well for us so that we may raise funds for student incentives, supplemental instructional materials and school beautification projects. Your support is genuinely appreciated.