Start with HELLO

September 17, 2018

Richview will be having Start with Hello week next week (September 24-28). The week will include a few activities, dress up days, inspirational quotes, and prizes. The emphasis of the week is to have students notice each other and include each other by simply “starting with hello”.  A summary of the week’s activities include:

Monday: HEY DAY! Students will be welcomed into school by student groups from CHS; students will wear name tags throughout the day and will be encouraged to call each other by name as they see each other in the hallways and in class.

Tuesday: FAVORITE SHIRT DAY – students will wear their favorite shirt and be encouraged to have conversations with others about what makes that their favorite.

Wednesday: Students will write a note to another student in their homeroom class – encouraging them get to know each other better.  COLOR WARS DAY – 6th Blue; 7th Silver/Gray; 8th White

Thursday: Students will be encouraged to complete one act of kindness for another student. When completed, they will write down what they did and be entered for a prize at the end of the day. SUPERHERO DAY

Friday: Students will write a post it note to another student with a positive saying and then tape it on their locker for them to see.  PURPLE/GOLD DAY