Student Led Conferences

September 4, 2018

In the days before Power School and email, parents often felt they had to wait until conferences to discuss with the teacher how their student was performing. With Power School availability and the widespread access to communication via technology, two-way communication is abundant and ongoing from school to home or home to school. Research indicates when students can communicate their own learning to parents and teachers, it develops their organizational and communication skills while building their self-efficacy. Therefore, CMCSS middle school conferences will now be Student Led Conferences, and our first conference evening is Thursday, September 20, from 4:30-7:30PM. Conferences will be first-come first-serve, just as in years past, but students must be present for the conference. A handout was shared with parents upon entry to Open House, and a detailed letter was sent home with students today including the specifics of student led conferences and guiding questions for parents. If your student did not bring the letter home, you can access the information in the email included with this message, and the same information is also posted on our school webpage. More information about locations will be sent the week of conferences. We are excited about this new approach and look forward to students sharing their learning with parents, and we always encourage parents and teachers to reach out to each other throughout the year whenever there is a question or concern about students.