I am delighted to be teaching at Richview again this year! I taught Social Studies and Reading and Language Arts at Moore Elementary prior to coming to Richview. I am especially excited to be teaching my favorite subject. I have a Masters in Education from Austin Peay State University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Belmont University. I have two wonderful daughters, Sydney and Kinsey, who keep me busy with their activities. We have lived in Clarksville for over fourteen years. I love reading and spending time with my family and pets. I run to stay fit. I look forward to a fabulous year!
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November 12-20th

We will finish our India Unit with a district assessment on Friday.  Students will need a new plastics, three pronged (with pockets) folder in January.  Please start looking for one now.  You may send it in and have your student keep it in their locker until we need it late December.

Monday - Holiday - Happy Veteran's Day!

Tuesday - Mauryan Empire and Achievements CH6L3

Wednesday - India Study Guide

Thursday - Kahoot/Quizlet/IXL

Friday - India District Assessment

Monday and Tuesday - Buddha Narrative on Google Classroom and Digital Citizenship Training.

November 5-9

We will continue our India Unit.  Picture retakes are Monday and require a note from home.  We "fall back" this weekend, so don't forget to set your clocks.  No school on Tuesday for Election Day. Late work continues to be a problem.  All late work (over 5 days past the due date) must be turned in on Monday 11/5 by 2:15 p.m., or the zero (0) grade will remain.  

Monday - Review CH6L3 Guided Reading & Buddhism/Hinduism Flap book

Tuesday - No School for students

Wednesday - CH6L1 Practice & Actively Learn on India's religions

Thursday - CH6 L1 & L2 Quiz & CH6L3 Vocabulary 

Friday - CH6L3 GRdg

Note - All, except the quiz, are homework (hw) if not completed in class.

October 29-November 2

We begin our India unit on Monday.  The canned food and bottle water drive continue all this week.  Thank you in advance for your donations.

Monday - Chapter 6 Lesson 1 Guided Reading 1/2 and review

Tuesday - Complete Chapter 6 Lesson 1 Guided Reading and HW CH6L1 Vocab. and Caste System worksheet (ws)

Wednesday - Geography and CH6L2 Vocabulary

Thursday - Caste worksheet

Friday - India Geography Quiz and Chapter 6 Lesson 2 Guided Reading.

October 22-26 - Picture orders are due back 10/25.  We just started our 2nd grading period for the year.  Many students already have late and missing work.  Please check Power School regularly and discuss these assignments with your child.

Monday - Pharaoh review and Practice (graded)

Tuesday - Kush/Egypt essay (CRQ) HW if not completed in class

Wednesday - Egypt Study Guide

Thursday - Kahoot and Quizlet Review & IXL practice

Friday - Ancient Egypt and Kush District Assessment Chapter 6 Lesson 1 vocabulary HW if not completed in class

October 15-19 - Welcome back! I hope that you all had a safe and relaxing break.  We will continue our Egypt unit.

Monday - Ch5 L2 Review

Tuesday - Ch5L2 Quiz - HW: Ch5L3 Guided Reading questions 1-13

Wednesday - Review Quiz and Guided Reading - HW complete Guided Reading

Thursday - Review CH5L3 Guided Reading & Pharaoh Flapbook - HW Pharaoh Sort

Friday - Near pod Kush (Chapter 5 Lesson 4)

October 1-5 - We will continue our Egypt unit.  Refer to Chapter 5 Lesson 2. All items are homework if not completed in class.  The Guided Reading will take three days to complete.

Monday - Guided Reading & Early Egyptians Rulers ws

Tuesday - Guided Reading & Religion in Egypt ws

Wednesday - complete Guided Reading

Thursday - Constructed Response Essay - Egyptian beliefs and Afterlife essay

Friday - Egyptian Social Hierarchy drawing, Cartouche making, and Mummy lab

September 24-28 - We will continue our Egypt unit.  Refer to Chapter 5 Lesson 1.

Monday - Nile River Valley worksheet (ws)

Tuesday - Egypt & Kush map

Wednesday & Thursday - Chapter 5 Lesson 1 Guided Reading

Friday - Quiz over Chapter 5 Lesson 1 & Chapter 5 Lesson 2 Vocabulary

NOTE:  All regular assignments, not quizzes, are homework if not completed in class.  See planner for Spirit week information, which begins next week. 

September 17-21 - We will close our Mesopotamia unit this week.  Please visit my Google Site and Google Classroom for review materials.

Monday - Study guide for District Assessment will be completed in class  - Test Thursday.

Tuesday - Chapter 4 Lesson 2 Quiz - Good review material is the CH4L2 Empire Chart completed in class over a week ago.

Wednesday - Kahoot and Quizlet reviews for all students who have no missing work.  Students that have missing work will work on missing work while others review materials to prepare for our District Assessment over Mesopotamia on Thursday.

Thursday - District Assessment - Do your best!  Be sure to cite evidence and write to the prompt!  The writing counts as four questions!

Friday - Review District Assessment, if all students have taken it, then preview vocabulary for Chapter 5 Lesson 1 (CH5L1) Egypt.  Classwork grade.  Homework if not completed in class.

September 10-14 - Please note that effective this Monday, September 10th, my late work policy will be fully implemented.  For the last two weeks, I have taken 10 points off for late work.  My policy is that 10 points per day will be taken off for late work, with no late work accepted after five days.  Late and missing work is becoming a huge problem.  I encourage students to check daily Power School.  I also remind students orally, and on the board outside of my classroom as well as a note on the overhead projector to turn work in.  Note that students who are missing work will not be attending the incentive in October.  The plan is to have outside games and activities during 5th and 6th periods as our incentive.  Thank you for your support in helping our students be successful. 

We continue our unit on Mesopotamia.  Please send your student in with ear buds, as we will be working in centers at the end of the week.  The small kinds that can fit in a pencil pouch are the easiest to carry from class to class.

Monday - Babylon worksheet due - Writing Analysis

Tuesday - Hammurabi's Code

Wednesday - Sargon and Hammurabi Writing - Homework if not completed in class.

Thursday and Friday - MEsopoTamia Review - Stations Rotations

Thanks to all of you who sent in candy for our classroom.  We are set for a bit.  We could use Band Aids, if you want to contribute.  Have a wonderful weekend!

September 4-7 - I hope that you all had a restful Labor Day weekend.  We continue our Mesopotamia unit in Chapter 4.  Thanks to those of you who sent in supplies from the supply list, as well as reward candy and colored copy paper.  We are in need of additional BandAids.  My Google Site is up and running.  Please ask your student to show you how to access it.  It is a great resource for supplemental learning, as well as review.  Also, encourage your child to bring home (and return!) their Social Studies Notebook (SSNB).  I have told students that this will be a part of their showcase portfolio for the Student Led Conferences later this month.  Please also check Power School for missing or late assignments.  We want our students to own their learning, which also requires that they be responsible for entering information into their planners, keeping up with their grades and homework, and maintaining their SSNB.  Following is a tentative schedule for this week:

Tuesday - Mesopotamia Achievement Chart and Effect/Affect on Economy and Culture

Wednesday - Epic of Gilgamesh analyzed HW: CH4L2 Vocabulary

Thursday - Fertile Crescent Civilizations Accomplishments Chart CH4L2

Friday - Babylon(ia) Close Read - HW if not finished in class - justification required.

August 27-31 We move into our Mesopotamia on Monday.  Following is a tentative schedule.

Monday - Collect Ch 4 Lesson 1 Vocabulary homework assigned last Thursday. Introduce Mesopotamia map and work on map skills.  Review Prehistory Unit assessment.

Tuesday - Chapter 4 Lesson 1 Guided Reading complete half and review

Wednesday - Chapter 4 Lesson 1 Guided Reading finalized and reviewed -CH4L1 Practice, homework (HW) if not finished in class.

Thursday - Social Class Hierarchy drawing - HW if not finished in class

Friday - Early release and Quiz over CH4L1; cuneiform message and Quizlet vocabulary review.  Enjoy your school free Labor Day, Monday 9/3.

Fundraiser packets went home Thursday.   Thank you to those of you for returning reward candy.  Thanks in advance to all of you who picked up a "boot" to help with classroom needs.  Please remember to login regularly to Power School.  Talk with your student about assignments and how they can take control of their learning.


  • August 20-24 - Thank you to all of you that were able to attend Open House.  It was great to meet so many of you!  Thank you for offering to help with needed classroom supplies. Please send them in when you are able.  We will close our Prehistory unit with a district assessment on the laptops on Friday the 24th.  Study guides will go home on Wednesday.  Students are to turn in Chapter 3 Lesson 2 Vocabulary on Monday.  We will continue working on that lesson the remainder of the week, including preparing for the essay portion of our district assessment on Tuesday.  Beta club will host a dance right after school on Thursday from 2:30-4:30 p.m.  Tickets will be on sale next week ($4 I believe) and at the door.
  • August 13-18 What a wonderful first week of school!  Thank you to all of my homeroom families that sent in classroom supplies, such as tissues, hand sanitizer, and paper towels.  If you haven't sent in these supplies yet, please send them in as soon as you are able.  Students were issued Social Studies textbooks and lockers this week, as long as all four mandatory forms were returned.  If not, please return these quickly.  An extra copy was sent home, if this is the case.  Thank you also to all of those parents that were able to turn in letters informing us of your individual child.  If you haven't had a chance to complete this, please send that in soon.  We want your help to quickly get to know your child.  We will have our Open House this week on Thursday.  Discipline talks will also take place on Thursday during 6th period.  We will continue our Prehistory exploration this week.  The following is a tentative schedule.
    • Monday - Chapter 3 Lesson 1 Vocabulary due (started in class on Friday)
    • Tuesday - Finalize Chapter 3 Lesson 1 (CH3L1) Guided Reading - Homework (HW) if not completed in class
    • Wednesday - Classwork (CW) assessment over CH3L1
    • Thursday - Quiz over Chapter 3 Lesson 1 - Begin Vocabulary for Chapter 3 Lesson 2 (CH3L2)
    • Friday - Begin guided reading for CH3L2 
  • August 6-12 - Welcome back to school!  Please report to the gymnasium on the first day of school.  Remember that it will be a half day schedule.  We have our first full day of school on Wednesday, August 8th.  All school paperwork will be sent home on Wednesday. Please complete all paperwork and return as soon as possible.  I would like for all student to come to school on Wednesday with two (2) two pocket, three pronged plastic folders.  These will be used throughout the year as their Social Studies Notebook.  We will use one per semester.  Please refer weekly to my website for assignments and testing dates.  I use Google Classrooms often, and links to these sites will also be available via my website.  Additionally, I have a Google Site, which provides supplemental learning materials.  Please refer to the link on my web page.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at melissa.overdeer@cmcss.net.  I'm looking forward to another wonderful year!
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